Plastic Sparkling Water – Pack of 6 Bottles (1.5L)

6 Bottles Per Case

Experience the refreshing fizz of New Forest Plastic Sparkling Water, now available in a convenient 1.5L size. Perfect for enjoying on its own or as a mixer in your favourite beverages, this sparkling water is sourced from the pristine natural springs of the New Forest. Each bottle offers a vibrant and refreshing taste that invigorates the senses and brings a sparkling touch to any occasion.


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Key Features:

  • Vibrant Effervescence: Carefully carbonated to capture the lively essence of pure spring water, providing a crisp and refreshing drinking experience.
  • Large, Convenient Size: The 1.5L bottle is ideal for family gatherings, parties, or for keeping in the fridge for everyday hydration.
  • Eco-Friendly Packaging: Made from recyclable plastic, these bottles are designed with sustainability in mind, helping to reduce environmental impact.
  • Versatile Use: Perfect as a refreshing drink on its own, or as a mixer to elevate cocktails and other beverages.


  • Hydration with a Twist: Adds a refreshing fizz to your daily hydration routine, making it more enjoyable and satisfying.
  • Ideal for Social Events: The larger bottle size ensures there’s enough sparkling refreshment to go around, perfect for hosting and social gatherings.
  • Eco-Conscious Choice: By choosing our recyclable bottles, you contribute to a more sustainable world.
  • Always Ready: The secure cap keeps the bubbles fresh, ensuring each pour is as lively as the last.

Invite the crisp, lively taste of New Forest Plastic Sparkling Water into your home or event – where refreshment meets sustainability in every sip.

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